Natural Education Courses

The need for expertise in natural health has never been more important. That’s why Nature’s Institute created a three-part series of courses that not only increases your awareness of the latest natural health solutions but certifies you as a natural heath specialist

In addition to courses that count toward certification, you can also choose from electives on a variety of natural health topics including liver health, women’s wellness, and more.

Our Curriculum

Series One: Foundations

This is where your natural health journey begins.


Reverse the Curse of Metabolic Syndrome


“Oh My Health!”: The Foundation

Our bodies have a host of specific needs that not being met by the standard American Diet. Learn about the 7 Essential Nutrients that you need to be healthy.

Complete all three courses and earn a Foundations in Natural Healing certificate of completion!

Series Two: Intermediate 

This is where your natural health journey begins.


Nature’s Home Remedies

A comprehensive look at home remedies for emergency and first response situations and the herbs that make them possible.


Mastering Moods & Emotions

Stress, depression, anxiety or attention deficit hyperactivity can be debilitating. Discover time-tested solutions for managing the most pressing emotional concerns. 

Complete all three courses and earn an Intermediate Studies in Natural Health certificate of completion!

Series Three: Mastery

Advanced Digestive, Gut, and Microbiome Therapies COMING SPRING 2018

Complete all Foundations, Intermediate and Mastery courses to earn your official Natural Health Specialist certification!

Elective Courses


Let The Liver “B” Healthy

Believe it or not, the liver is one of the most important organs in the body. Attend this course to learn the processes behind common liver conditions and dangerous toxins to avoid.


Silver Solutions and Usage

Silver solutions have many uses in health and wellness. Learn about the remarkable properties of silver and its unique healing abilities in this engaging course.