Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I forgot my password – how can I reset it?

A: Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Click here to reset your password.

Q: What is the difference between the different memberships offered by Nature’s Institute?

A: The General Membership is a free membership offered to everyone who registers a free account with It grants you access to all of our free articles and content, as well as our newsletter.

An NI Subscriber Membership is a recurring paid subscription that offers a number of benefits. You can learn more by clicking here.

The Charter Membership and Insider Membership are premium memberships for Nature’s Institute power users that were offered for a limited time only. They grant access to all Nature’s Institute premium content released before September 2018, unrestricted access to NI insider content, webinars, podcasts, articles, 50% off any NI Live event in your area until Sept. 2018, and downloads of all available presentation PowerPoint documents and transcripts. They are no longer available for purchase.

Q: What certificates and certifications do you offer?

A: Digital certificates are issued after completing each course on, and completing certain groups of courses grants additional certifications. You can learn more about the courses we offer and the associated certifications on our Course List (click here).

Q: I attended one of the in-person classes and received a thumb drive with videos on it – can I use these videos to teach my own classes?

A: Yes!

Q: I attended an in-person class for a course that is also offered online – why doesn’t it show up in my dashboard?

A: Nature’s Institute live courses and online courses are tracked differently – however, if you complete the rest of the online courses required for a particular certification, the credit for your live classes will be counted the same as the online version.

Just let us know when you’ve completed the rest of the courses for a certification, and we will verify your attendance at the live courses so you can receive the completed certification.

Q: I attended an in-person class for a course that is also offered online – can I get access to the online videos for that course?

A: The in-person versions of our courses offered through third parties are separate from the online versions sold at, and as such, no online materials are provided with your purchase. The only resources that are included with your purchase of the live course are anything you already received when you attended the class.

You may, however, receive credit for these courses towards an online certification if you choose to purchase other courses from (see previous question).

Q: I purchased physical products such as pills or tablets, and I have a question about them.

A: We’re afraid you must be confusing us with someone else: Nature’s Institute does not sell physical health products, only digital courses and other learning materials. Don’t worry, this is a common mistake – someone out there must be using a name very similar to ours!

Other questions? Reach out to us using the Customer Support page.