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Class on “Healing Emotional blockages” Natures Institute in Las Vegas on Thursday 9/5/2019 before opening of convention!

Class is from 1-5 pm in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel in  the Champagne 2 room. 

This workshop will be hands on. Assessing imbalances in clients to find hidden emotional blockages that hinder natural health programs and increase results.
Join Dr. Jay as he leads you into a new realm of quantum understanding of how to quickly find blockages. Dr. Jay taught this class to the World Organization of Natural Medicine in Toronto last year to a standing ovation from some 100 natural health doctors and practitioners. And is doing it again in October at the next conference through the Canadian College of Natural Health.
Prerequisite is a basic understanding of muscle testing: an open mind to chakra assessment. 
Also, helpful to purchase and bring a copy of the Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski (ISBN# 0-9631306-8-4) to use in class.
Dr. Jay will give background on chakras, how they tell us about disturbances, where they come from and how to find the remedy including flower blends, oils, and herbs, from your favorite company we all know and trust.
Cost of class $99, unless you are a natures institute subscriber! The registration will then only be $50!
Again, must have an open mind to this type of assessment. We only have positive healing intent here. Hope to see you all!


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