Suma Combination

Supporting the Body in Times of Stress

The term adaptogenic refers to any substance which helps normalize the body under stressful conditions. In other words, it helps the body adapt to difficult circumstances, reducing anxiety and tension, and helping a person feel more relaxed and focused in stressful situations. Adaptagens aren’t taken to correct a specific health problem; instead. they act to improve overall health and well-being.

Likewise, herbs that have a tonic effect aren’t targeted towards specific diseases. Tonics help to strengthen and normalize body functions, which results in improved energy levels, increased resistance to infection and a general improvement in health.

In modern society where people are often under heavy stress loads, adaptagens and tonics can help the body cope. Because stress is a root cause of many health problems—ranging from simple problems like frequent colds and infections to very serious problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and even cancer—adaptagens will indirectly help to solve many of these health concerns.

Suma Combination is a formula containing some of the world’s finest adaptagenic and tonic herbs: suma from Brazil, astragalus from China, siberian ginseng from Russia, ginkgo from Europe, and gotu kola from India. Each of these plants contributes its own unique properties to the combination.

Suma has a reputation as a panacea in Brazil. It is known there as para tudo, which means for everything. It increases energy, strengthens the immune system, helps to balance hormones and regulates blood sugar. An acrid, sweet-tasting herb, it is a classic tonic, which has earned it the nickname “Brazilian ginseng.” is one of those herbs which has been use to treat almost everything from cancer to loss of energy. It is considered a nutritive herb.

Astragalus is a major tonic herb in Chinese medicine. With a sweet taste and warming energy, it has been used to improve resistance to disease, balance body fluids, lower blood pressure and increase stamina. Modern research has shown that astragalus increases production of white blood cells and interferon. The Chinese have used it to treat infections, ulcers, poor digestion, prolapsus of organs, weakness of the immune system and fatigue.

Eleuthero root was heavily researched by Russian scientists who coined the term adaptagen to describe the unique properties they found in this plant. Also known by the name Siberian ginseng, it has been found to affect the hypothalamus and pituitary to reduce adrenal stress. It helps to calm stress levels, increase stamina and endurance, enhance immune function, and stimulate the production of male hormones.

Although ginkgo was known in China, the properties of ginkgo leaf were discovered in Germany through modern research. Ginkgo was found to enhance circulation, scavange free radicals and improve brain function. It has an antiaging effect. A concentrated extract of ginkgo is being used by European doctors to treat Alzheimer’s disease, senility, vertigo (dizziness), tinnitis (ringing in the ears), neurological disorders, diabetic tissue damage, and circulatory disorders.

 In India, gotu kola is considered to be another anti-aging herb, believed to improve memory and increase life span. It is a favorite food of the elephants and hence is antecodately connected to memory—the proverbial “an elephant never forgets.” Herbalists in the West recommend gotu kola to improve concentration, altertness, memory and energy, but it is used for a much wider range of complaints in India, where it has been used to treat high blood pressure, rheumatism, nervous disorders, fevers, ulcers, leprosy, skin eruptions, and jaundice.

In summary, Suma Combination helps increase overall energy and vitality in the body while countering the effects of stress and aging. It can also improve immune and glandular functions.

Dosage: Take two or three capsules three times daily.


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